About Us – Jubilant International Pte Ltd

Vision is defined as a supernatural or prophetic apparition, as found in the Oxford dictionary. But what can it do?

“Where there is no vision, the people perish……"
This verse from the Bible speaks volumes.

A man, who is and always will be a visionary, started a new chapter in his life. Armed with his vision and his hard earned savings, this man registered a company.

Jubilant Trading Company was started in 1979 and since then there was no looking back for Daniel Tang.

With determination and loads of diligence, Jubilant moved from a 200sq. ft. rented office space in Hong Kong Street to bigger premises at Syed Alwi Road and then onward to upgraded facilities covering more than 20,0000 sq. ft. at Pandan Crescent.

October 2003 was the start of another chapter for Jubilant when we moved into our own building at 52 Pandan Road. With more than 60,000 sq ft of space, we are poised to enlarge our market presence in the field of personal and road safety.

The number of players in this field is not small and although Jubilant has grown through the years, we do not claim to be the best. However, we will strive to optimize our performance through continual self-assessments. We believe it is crucial for us to balance growth and effectiveness, for one without the other eventually stunts potential.

Life is precious and people around the world are expanding time, effort and dollars on protecting it. Talk about life and the word that follows closely would be.

Safety in the home, safety at play, safety on the roads, safety in the workplace, safety anywhere and everywhere. But is safety per se enough or is there more? This was the question we asked ourselves and it aroused our interest in creating and marketing protective items, which enhanced whilst protecting.

This is no small task but herein lays challenge to ‘think out of the box’ – in line with our government’s recent call for creativity and boldness. At Jubilant we do not endorse stagnancy for it is the start of decline. Instead we dare to defy tradition but not as a result of rebellion but rather it stems from an urge to contribute what little we can to the pursuit of betterment of life.

Achievement brings satisfaction.
Commitment gives the push,
But, it is Vision that will give us the direction.

What else can we say save that we cannot achieve much without people, the essence of our efforts for protection?

Jubilant would not and could not have grown without an extensive customer base; nor would there be growth without partnerships.

Which is why we consider all who come into contact with Jubilant, be it in our workforce, as our customer, amongst our suppliers, value-added service providers or even a passerby, our treasured partner.

No man is an island and no company should be a desert. Jubilant does not and will not shut itself out to the call for surpassing the last best.

Kudos to you, our Partner-in-Safety!

Jubilant International Pte Ltd
July 2004